The Ultimate Pantry Clean-Out Guide (With Checklist)

GMOs, food dyes & corn syrup, oh my! 😱 I know it can be overwhelming to learn what’s inside the food you eat, but my advice has always been to face the facts, and move forward with healthier choices. 💪 And that’s what we’re gonna […]

Is Your Fear of Fat Hurting Your Health?

FAT – there are soooo many opinions on this one topic.  Just take a look at the grocery aisle and you’ll see FOUR different types of milk, all based on the fat content → skim, 1%, 2% & Whole.  And, while things are changing for […]

How to Solve Mystery Symptoms, Even When “Your Labs Are Normal”

“Ahh, that’s just part of getting older.” When’s the last time you said (or thought) that to yourself?  It’s something I hear allll the time from friends, family & patients, and it makes me sad! The unfortunate reality is that most of us begin to […]

What is “Functional Medicine” Anyway?

Have you heard about “functional medicine”?  Maybe you’ve seen the phrase used on social media, or have a friend who raves about their new “Functional Health Practitioner”.  Or maybe that friend is YOU, but you’re still not really sure what “functional medicine” really means.  Or […]

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) + How to Feel Better

Snowflakes & holiday parties are lovely, but the reality is that winter can be tough for many people.  It’s dark. It’s cold. The trees are bare, and the grass has turned brown. Everything looks gloomy. Shorter days mean you’re probably driving to and from work […]

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget in 2023

I’m kicking off the New Year with a double-whammy blog that will set you up for success. What makes it a double-whammy blog, you ask??  Whether your New Year’s resolution has to do with (1) saving money OR (2) eating healthier, this blog has you […]

What the Nose Knows: The Science of Smell + Essential Oils

How to Get Started + Pick The Essential Oils That Are Best For YOU. A few days ago I came across a meme that got me thinking about the power of smell. I wish I could remember the details, but I can’t (at least not […]

Healthy Gifts Under $60 (2022 Holiday Season)

Ready or not, gift-giving season has arrived! Whether you’re enjoying the season or feeling like a total grinch, I’m here to help you check off some boxes. — gift boxes, that is! 🎁 My challenge to you this year? Step away from the chocolate & […]

Why You Need a Daily Gratitude Practice + 3 Easy Ideas To Get Started

Plus, Five Science-Backed Health Benefits That Will Convince You to Start Now. You might say “thank you” with the intention of making someone else feel good and appreciated, but did you know practicing gratitude benefits YOU just as much as those around you? It’s true! […]

Eating With Intention: How to Navigate Challenging Food Choices Over the Holidays

The holidays are always a wonderful, beautiful time of year, filled with family & friends, holiday parties, and more leisure time than usual… I’d like coffee in my pajamas 'till 11 o’clock, please… 😉  But truth be told, it’s not always as “stress-free” as we […]
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