Connect as a Couple Through Finding Fun

Did you know that partners who do things together form a much closer connection through their shared experiences as compared to couples who don’t? Time invested in shared experiences or fun hobbies helps a partnership stay strong and resilient, even during the rough patches. Finding common activities that bring fun into a relationship can help soften the times when things are a bit more challenging, or you just need a little space. The activities you choose don’t have to be costly, but your investment of time and resources will reap huge dividends!

As you add new hobbies to your life as a couple, there are a few key points to keep in mind.  The amount of time you spend together is not as important as the positivity of the interaction. Simple chores such as grocery shopping or going for a long walk can enhance your relationship as long as you make it a fun experience.  

Secondly, look for activities that you both will enjoy and have a shared interest. It could be that both of you have always wanted to try something new such as salsa dancing or an oil-painting class.  Spend some time chatting about what might be enjoyable for both of you and be willing to try something that’s out of your comfort zone!

Finally, fully committing yourself to the experience is crucial.  Being a willing participant should be mutual to avoid any hard feelings. Even if there’s some initial hesitation, a willingness to try sends a message that being together is more important than the anticipated fear.  

Are you ready to get out and explore the world together with some new adventures or hobbies?  Let’s talk about some ideas!  

If you love the outdoors, get out and explore with your partner!  Take a hike, go surfing or kayaking, learn a new outdoor sport such as tennis, or make plans to go on a weekend camping trip. Depending on your part of the country, you may also have access to some beautiful gardens or bodies of water for fishing. 

For those of you that prefer the indoors, pottery, painting, or cooking classes can be a fun way to learn a new skill.  If you’ve had a particularly stressful week, you may prefer to relax together watching a movie and turning your home into a cozy spot for date night!

As you begin to add new hobbies into your relationship, be sure to note the changes in stress levels and increased patience with one another. Studies have shown that even just sharing a hearty laugh over a common experience can help eliminate boredom and improve your social skills. Hopefully, these shared experiences will help you be a better team and minimize future conflicts by building a platform of trust and most importantly, plenty of laughter!



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