Miracle of Bone Broth

There are blogs written all over this country singing the praises of bone broth.  It is easy to see why this simple, yet amazing food is finally catching the attention of many top nutritional experts even though bone broth has been used for centuries to heal, rebuild, strengthen and detoxify. But with the introduction of processed foods came the dismissal of many old traditions, bone broth being no exception. As well, mass advertising of pharmaceuticals as the answer to all our physical woes further separates us from the simple solutions we would have used to improve our health. The bottom line: there aren’t many things that come close to the multifaceted properties of correctly prepared bone broth and with our current understanding about its chemical makeup, we have an even greater understanding of why this amazing food has done its job so well all this time.

Calcium and Phosphorous

We don’t make minerals in our bodies. So, if we don’t get enough in our diets then we will obviously be deficient. But adequate mineral status requires strong digestion and sufficient amounts of your own hydrochloric acid along with some kind of dietary fat with every meal to be able to extract these minerals out of your food. But that’s another blog on another day…  Calcium and phosphorous are extremely important for our health and as you might expect, bone broth is especially rich in both. Together, these two minerals make up the structures that keep your bones and teeth strong and healthy. Phosphorous is needed to stabilize and help keep calcium in its place which helps minimize bone loss as seen in osteoporosis.

Glycine and Proline
These important amino acids support the body’s detoxification efforts as they help build antioxidants and help with the production of red blood cells, bile salts and other natural chemicals in the body.

Glycosaminolglycans (try to say that 3 times) or GAGs for short are highly intelligent proteins that go where they are needed. As well, they are a part of tissues known as collagen which make up the stretchy framework that prevents our skin from sagging!

Amazing in and of itself, gelatin supports digestive health, heals skin and other body tissues amongst a host of other benefits.


So, what are you waiting for? Start a crock of bone broth today and help your body look better, feel better and regenerate more quickly! Click here for the recipe!

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